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  • James Bush - MK Section

    So what's been reinforced today is that James Bush is a footage machine! Just as one section was released yesterday another full section was released in the same afternoon! There's no slowing down for James and he's put together another MK based banger with his long time filmer Kieran Wilcox. At ... View Post
  • Dart - James Bush/Friends Section

    Dart is a Milton Keynes based scene video filmed and edited by Tom Frimley and Joe Jarvis. While it's comprised mainly of MK footage they have travelled to spots across the world to beef up the footage. Luckily for us they've decided to upload James' shared section, which as usual is full of face... View Post
  • Little Paradise - Friends Montage

    James Harris recently released his much anticipated scene video Little Paradise. He's uploaded a few sections online to wet your appetite for the full DVD, which is on sale in most good Skate Stores. Over the weekend we were stoked to see the friends montage go live which featured a healthy amoun... View Post