Artist Interview - Alex Mellon

Alex has been producing graphics for Fabric for a little while now, so we thought it was about time you got more acquanited with him. We caught up with Alex over the weekend and hit him with a few questions about himself and the work he's done for Fabric; so take a break and have a read through to see what's going on in his life.


Hi Alex good to catch up with you, this is probably a good place for you to give us a little low down on who you are and what you do.

Hey! My name is Alex Mellon, I’m originally from Newcastle, but moved to the warmer climates of London about 8 years ago. I’ve been drawing pictures for people since then, and wasting my money on building my houseplant collection.

You've produced a few Artist Series for us now, how did that all come about?

I know David and Bish from when I lived in Newcastle, the first illustration I ever had come out, was a t-shirt graphic I did for David. When Fabric was starting up I knew it was something I wanted to support. I had a few ideas a couple years ago which I sent over and got to various stages of development with before ultimately they decided it wasn’t really the right thing. A year or so later, Bish asked if I wanted to pitch some stuff again for them, and that’s how it all started.

You've got a very distinct style, how have you tried to incorporate this into the graphics you've done for Fabric.

Absolutely! I don’t really like doing any work that isn’t in my style. I spent my first few years in London doing work for other people and just trying to do it in the style they wanted, and it wasn’t satisfying at all. I eventually just decided to do my own thing and really try as hard as I can to keep it there within everything I do.

The last few years has seen Fabric's artistic direction starting to evolve, do you think you've tried to help that evolution with your graphics?

I would like to think so. From knowing some of the guys, and speaking to the others, I think I’ve got a good idea of the direction they’re all taking the brand, and what they do and don’t like. Obviously, I like getting my graphics on the boards, but it’s no good if none of the team wants to ride them.

You live with a few skaters who work in the creative industries, it must be rad to be able to bounce ideas around with like minded people?

Yeah, it’s pretty rad to live with them. It’s just a house of guys who grew up skating together, so it’s good fun. Definitely good to have other creative people to get eyes on your projects, although the busier we all get, most of the time when we’re all there, we just eat food and forget about work.

Do you still get time to go out skating much?

Not as much as I used to, but I guess that’s just a side effect of being busy. Also, it’s cold and wet, so I’m much more content to wait out the weather than I was when I was younger.

You've worked pretty closely with Mark on some of his Pro decks, do you guys have a good understanding of what each other wants in a graphic?

It’s been rad working with Mark. He’s my modern day pen pal, cos we only talk via email. He’s just super down to work collaboratively on an idea, and we both seem to have a pretty good idea of what one another want. It’s also definitely a process that’s grown from the first board to now, as we develop more of an understanding of how each other work.

Baines Stamps

Do you have any new graphics in the works at the moment?

I’ve got another few series in the concept stage, and a few things that will hopefully be appearing in the nearish future. I’m just happy to keep doing them until they tell me to stop.

Thanks for that Alex and hopefully we'll be able to catch up with you later on in the year! Head over to the Hardgoods page to check out the decks and make sure to check out Alex's other work over on his website.

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